How Do You Spell Controller

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What is correct spelling of controller?

?Controller.? Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Accessed

Why is it spelled comptroller?

Years ago in the 1800’s, the term ?comptroller? arose from a careless misspelling of the term ?controller.? From then on, the spelling, along with the duties of a regular controller, stuck and the term ?comptroller? became a similar term referring to a financial officer in the government sector.

What comptroller means?

A comptroller, in the United States, is a high-level executive that oversees the accounting tasks and financial reporting procedures of organizations. The comptroller oversees all accounting including accounts receivable, payroll, and loan transactions.

What is another name of controller?

What is another word for controller?

control switch
regulator device
governor rheostat
resistor lever
key knob

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